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Loanasa for companies is part of the Loanasa Polska brand, which has been operating in the loan industry since 2012. He declares that he wants to build customer relationships based on safety, speed, simplicity and durability. This is very important for any borrower who wants to be treated fairly. The loan company also wants to know with whom it signs the contract. Therefore, it checks the creditworthiness of its borrowers. Relationships are therefore built on mutual trust, which is very important for both parties.


Loanasa for companies – PLN 10,000 for small businesses

Loanasa for companies - PLN 10,000 for small businesses

Observing the situation in the loan industry, it can be concluded that the demand for installment loans for companies is growing. That is why Loanasa for companies was created, which offers this type of service in installments. It allows you to take out a loan in the range from 1000 to 10,000 PLN. Importantly, the repayment period can be from 8 to 24 months. The installments will depend on the amount and date of donation chosen.

Sometimes small business owners need financial support, even when they have a stable situation. Sometimes there will be some profitable investment, the need to buy or replace equipment, or paying a larger fee. Then instead of deciding on austerities, it is worth considering a non-bank loan. Companies such as Loanasa for companies are helping business owners.

Loanasa for companies – change of the repayment date

Loan for companies

Sometimes, due to unexpected events, we are unable to pay our installment loan on time. Then we should not panic. Fortunately, Loanasa for companies is considering this situation. If we are unable to meet the obligation or the next installment in a timely manner, we should contact the company representative as soon as possible. In this way we will get help in finding a convenient solution.
Sometimes the opposite situations occur. Sometimes we are able to pay back the borrowed amount in advance. Then there are no additional fees. In this case, it is also important to contact the Loanasa business representative in advance to confirm the exact amount.

These types of opportunities are particularly important for business owners. Sometimes the situation forces them to adapt flexibly to new circumstances. That is why it is important for them that they can consult the repayment dates of their financial obligations. This can often be very helpful.

Loanasa for companies – requirements

Loanasa for companies - requirements

Loanasa’s business offer is addressed to business owners registered in Poland. They can apply for a loan immediately after registration, which is a significant convenience. The addressee must be a permanent resident of Poland. In addition, he cannot be entered in the registers of debtors BIG Infomonitor, ERIF, KRD. It can be stated that these are not too high requirements for a potential borrower.

What’s more, Loanasa for companies indicates in its offer what it does not require from its clients. According to information posted on the website, this non-banking institution does not require registration, accounting or banking documents. In addition, it offers an installment loan without guarantees or attestations. All this reduces the formalities required to the minimum necessary. This saves a lot of client time, which undoubtedly helps build positive relationships.

Loanasa for companies – the form registration process

Loanasa for companies - the form registration process

Applying for a loan under the Loanasa business offer is very easy. As already mentioned, the formalities are minimal. What’s more, the whole process of applying for this type of financial commitment can take place completely via the Internet. It is on the website of this loan company that we choose the amount and repayment period that interests us. We do it with the help of sliders, thanks to which it is very simple.

The next stages of applying for a loan

Once we have chosen the best loan offer in our opinion, we can proceed to the proper application. We also fill out a non-complicated application online, which allows us to apply for the amount we choose. It is very important to fill it correctly. In this way, we do not have to fear inaccuracies, and hence, it will be dealt with faster.

As for the decision, according to the loan company’s declarations, the application will be considered even within an hour. It is a very short waiting time, thanks to which we can get the money we need very quickly. We will be notified when our application is processed. This is done by email or phone.

Loanasa – facilities for business owners

Loanasa - facilities for business owners

This way of applying for a non-bank loan is very convenient for customers of non-bank institutions. In this way, we avoid having to appear in person at the facility or wait for a call to the hotline. The client can use the services fully independently, thanks to which he learns how to deal with formalities using the online method. It is especially important for people who set up their own business and often meet such a need.

Loan from the first day of operation

It is true that everyone who starts a business must take into account expenses at the very beginning. They should not be discouraging, but motivating. It is worth thinking about a loan that will undoubtedly make it easier to start. It is important to properly adjust its amount to our financial capabilities. If the loan is taken wisely, we will be able to borrow so that we will be able to gradually give back the amount with the emergence of profits. Sound planning is the key to secure borrowing. Especially when it comes to the money we need in connection with a larger and long-term investment. Therefore, business owners should carefully read the content of the offers and the terms of the loan before signing the contract.

A representative example of a loan:

The condition for granting the loan is a positive result of the creditworthiness assessment. The actual annual interest rate for a representative example of a loan of PLN 4,000 for a period of 21 months is 102.75%. Monthly installment 342.77 PLN. Annual interest rate (fixed rate) 10%, interest on the loan – PLN 378.55, preparation fee PLN 300, commission PLN 2,520. The total amount to be paid by the consumer is PLN 7,198.55 (as at 01/03/2019).

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